TMPA Purchasing Department

Delivery/Warehouse Hours

TMPA Warehouse & Receiving TMPA's warehouse accepts deliveries from 7:00AM to 3:00PM M-F. After checking in with front desk follow instructions provided. Driving directions

Surplus Auctions

TMPA periodically auctions surplus equipment. For more information please visit SWICO AuctionsExternal Link

Vendor Plant Access Insurance Requirements

Plant access requires vendors and contractors to provide adequate insurance coverage to perform onsite work. A current Certificate of Insurance and/or proof of self-insurance must be on file at the Agency before any Purchase Order is issued to perform work. Self-insured's must provide evidence of being actuarially fully funded or backed by a Letter of Credit. Additionally, companies that self insure for Workers’ Compensation Insurance must be certified for such purpose by the Texas Department of Insurance Division of Workers’ Compensation. Typical types of coverage required by TMPA contracts include Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Excess Liability (Umbrella Form), and Automobile Liability. Waiver of Subrogation and making TMPA an Additional Insured may be requested or may be required depending on the requirements of the contract. For complete information, please contact Carolyn Prescott:

Tracy Stracener
Tel: 936.873.1123
Fax: 936.873.1184